Effective up to 30 days.

Set traps out during the springtime.

1. Carefully remove the outer layers of the trap packaging to expose the sticky trap. Avoid touching the sticky surface with your bare hands.
Remove outer layers of trap packaging to expose sticky trap.

2. Insert the provided wire hangers into the two outside holes of trap for hanging.
Insert provided wire hangers into trap holes.

3. Attach the lure to the trap by threading it through the middle hole with a string or paper clip. Alternatively, stick the lure directly onto the trap if it's sticky enough.

4. Identify the infested tree and choose outer branches away from the trunk, ensuring they are high enough to avoid accidental contact.

5. Hang the trap by placing the hooked ends of the wire hanger onto selected branches.
Spotted Lanternfly Sticky Trap

6. Monitor the trap regularly and replace as needed depending on the level of pest activity.