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Amblyseius andersoni - General Mite Predators

Amblyseius andersoni - General Mite Predators



Optimal Environment:
43-105 °F
40-60% Humidity

Target Pest:
Broad Mites, Cyclamen Mites, Hemp Russet Mites, Red Spider Mites, Tomato Russet Mites, Rust Mites, Gall Mites, Eriophyis Mites, Thrips and Two-spotted Spider Mites. When these pests aren't around A. andersoni can consume pollen.

Release Rates:
Adult Mites:1 mite per sq. ft., bi-weekly, 3-4 times.

Hanging Sachet: Slow Release Sachets. Leave on your plants for 4 weeks. Release 1 sachet every 6 feet or 1 per tree.

For Best Results: Try and apply andersoni early on during infestations when pest mite numbers are low. The predatory mites will then be able to focus on the smaller concentrations of mites and prevent them from growing larger and causing major damage.

Keep the predatory mites in shade until they're ready to use, and distribute them as soon as conditions become viable. Keep the product at around 50-59° F. Do not refrigerate.


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