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What Chemicals are Harmless to Beneficial Nematodes?

Beneficial Nematodes 

All active ingredients listed as compatible should have no detrimental interaction with any beneficial nematodes. Those designated as "wait one week before" and "wait two weeks before" should not be applied at the same time as our beneficial nematodes. There are many products with different trade names. Please refer to "Active Ingredients" on the label of the product to find the chemical name.

****If the active ingredient is not listed below, please contact us or leave a comment down below and we will be happy to assist you!****


Azadirachtin Esfenvalerate Nicotine sulfite
Bacillus thuringiensis Etridiazole Oxyzalin
Benomyl Fatty Acids PCNB
Bifenthrin Fenoxycarb Permethrin
Bromine-chlorine Fluvalinate Pyrethrins
Chlorothalanil Fosethyl-Al Rotenone
Chlorthal dimethyl Glyphosphate Thiophanate-methyl
Copper hydroxide Imidacloprid Triademefon
Cyflutrin Iprodione Vinclozolln
Cypermethrin Kinoprene Weedone
Diatomaceous earth (DE) Metalaxyl Wide range of soluble fertilizers
Dienochlor Methidathion +MORE
Diflubenzuron Methoprene

Wait one week before using beneficial nematodes:

Anilazine Mercurous chloride Triclorpyr             
Azinphos-methyl 2, 4-D Fenarimol
Benzalkonium chloride Methomyl Furalaxyl
Bendiocarb Malathion +MORE


Wait two weeks before using beneficial nematodes:

Addstem Carbofuran Oxamyl
Agrodime Ethoprop +MORE
Agromil Isazophos
Aimphon Fenamiphos


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  • Steve Warren on

    How long should I wait after applying my nematodes to use a weed and feed fertilizer on the lawn?

  • Angela Fox on

    I have been using Arber Bio Insecticide. I would like to know if using this in conjunction with the nematodes would be counterproductive. Obviously do not want to harm them.
    I have copied what Arber has on there website about the active ingredients. Please advise. Thank you kindly!!!

    “Active Ingredients:
    Heat-killed Burkholderia spp, strain A396 and spent fermentation media spent fermentation media: 94.46%
    Other Ingredients: 5.54%
    *Contains not less than 1,500 Beet Armyworm Killing Units (BAWKU)/mg of active ingredient. Note: The percent active ingredient does not indicate product performance and potency measurements are not federally standardized.”


    Can I use nematodes for flea control if I am also using First Saturday Lime?

  • Sushma on

    Is spinosad hatful for nematodes?

  • Tom Perkins on

    Hi. bought your hb, sc,sf nematodes. Are they compatible with SNS 209 systemic pest control?
    Not sure but looks like the only active ingredient is Rosemary.

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