Starting a garden at home can be a great way to save money on groceries and enjoy fresh, healthy produce. However, buying started plants can be expensive and they don’t always transplant well from the big box store to your backyard. That’s where our new seed starting products come in! NaturesGoodGuys is now offering heavy duty, reusable, made in USA, seed starting cells, pots, and trays that are perfect for the home gardener.

Bet your flimsy tray from the big box store can't do that!

Say goodbye to flimsy trays that need to be replaced every season, so wasteful! Ours are made of high quality, BPA free, food-safe plastic, making them durable and long-lasting, ultimately saving you money. Another advantage of starting seeds at home is that you get a head start on the growing season, in other words, begin harvesting sooner!

Using plug or cell trays is convenient and easy. Simply fill the plugs with your preferred growing medium, plant your seeds, and place the plugs in a tray. This allows you to bottom-water those sensitive seedlings. Pairing your seed tray with a heat mat and grow light will improve germination and seedling health.

    Pro Tips:
    • Our colorful products not only bring a joyful atmosphere to your greenhouse or grow room, they are also very practical for color coding your seedlings!
    • Pre-moisten your growing medium before filling your plugs/cells.
    • If you notice your seedlings looking stretched out and flimsy (a.k.a. "leggy"), try moving them closer to your light source.

      NaturesGoodGuys new line of seed starting products is the smart choice for any gardener! Receive a FREE digital garden planner with your purchase-- draw out your garden layout, list the crops you plan to grow, and organize your garden tasks by month. Show us how you start seeds on social media, tag @NaturesGoodGuys and use #NGGSeedStarting.

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