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Ladybugs Back in Stock!

Get your pest insects under control! Ladybugs target aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, and many other soft-bodied insects.

Fly Exterminators

Natural fly control made easy! Use in barns, stables, kennels, coops, feedlots, animal bedding, compost piles, garbage cans, septic tanks, and more! We offer subscriptions that save you time and money.

Beneficial Nematodes

Preventing pest damage in your garden this year is as easy as watering your plants! Ideal for indoor plants, lawns, and vegetable gardens, it effectively
controls grubs, fungus gnats, fleas, thrips, and over 200 other
soil-dwelling pests.

Predatory Mites

Use natural predators to avoid spider mite chemical tolerance. Bottled Mites are the best choice for an active infestation, while Slow Release Sachets are great for preventative and maintenance programs.

Red "Wiggler" Worms

Our red worms have been specially raised to outperform others! If you want healthy plants, you need healthy, fertile soil, making our red worms an absolute necessity.


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