FREE 1,500 Ladybugs

with every purchase. No promo code needed.

Excludes orders with only 36,000 or 72,000 ladybugs; 600, 1,200, or 2100 redworms; and fly exterminator subscriptions.

Red Worms

Our red worms have been specially raised to outperform other red worms.

Predatory Mites

Use natural predators to avoid spider mites becoming chemical tolerant.

Beneficial Nematodes

Use on indoor plants, lawns, and vegetable gardens to control over 200 soil dwelling pests.

Pot Screens

Keeps your soil in and allows the water to filter through while keeping the bad bugs from coming in!

Be Organic, Use Beneficial Insects

Welcome to Natures Good Guys! Your "One Stop" shop source for all of your beneficial insects needs. Fight and control pest the
natural way. #onelesspesticide

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Slow Release Hanging Sachets

Spider Mite Control

Aphid Control

Unlike harsh chemicals Natural Aphid Control Predators take time to establish a population and work at reducing aphid. This why we recommend releasing good bugs before aphids infestation is high. Waiting too long can cause the aphids to get out of control. Release aphid predators at the first site of damage. 

Thrip Control

Adult and larval stages of Thrips feed on foliage and flowers causing extensive damage in a short time period under the right conditions. A Plant leaves may turn pale, splotchy, and silvery, then die. Injured plants are twisted, discolored and scarred. Proactive control is important to limit risk of Thrips vectoring disease through feeding.

Soil Pest Control

Beneficial Nematodes are live microscopic worms that hunt down and kill soil pests. Beneficial Nematodes are found naturally in your soil, by increasing their population you are able to control over 200+ soil dwelling pests, including Grubs, Fungus Gnats, Fleas, Ticks, Termites and many more!

Beneficial Insects

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