Flies are not only annoying to have around your barn or backyard, they can be problematic for the health of livestock and pets, causing painful bites or transmitting fly borne diseases such as pink eye. Common control methods include gross sticky traps and smelly hanging bags, which are dangerous to other beneficial insects that often get stuck in them.

NaturesGoodGuys Fly Exterminators are a safe, effective, easy to use method for fly control around your barn. These little predators attack flies in their larval stage, controlling their population before they have a chance to get established. They won’t bother your animals and they won’t harm other beneficial insects!

Our Fly Exterminators are effective against the housefly, biting stable fly, garbage fly, and the lesser housefly, which make up 95% of flies. Protect your feathered or furry friends by releasing Fly Exterminators at the first sight of flies or as soon as the weather starts warming up. Continued releases throughout the season are suggested for maintenance control.

Pro Tips:

    • Priority release sites include barns, stables, kennels, chicken coops, and backyards.
    • Additional release sites include near/around compost piles, garbage cans, and septic tanks.
    • Keep your Fly Exterminators safe from birds and rodents by hanging them off the ground and out of direct sunlight.
February 19, 2023 — Shipping Receiving

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