In a previous post on A Bugs Blog, we explored common houseplant pests and which beneficial insect species target them. Now we are taking it to the next step by creating a DIY houseplant hospital!

 When it comes to releasing beneficial insects indoors, some common questions we get are “will the predatory mites infest my house?” or “will the ladybugs go everywhere if I release them indoors?” Here’s the answer: Just like any living being, beneficial insects need food, water, and good habitat to survive. So if you release them indoors, of course it is possible that they might crawl off or fly away from your plant, this does not mean you are suddenly going to have an infestation of beneficial insects in your home! The beneficial insects want to be where the food is; they want to be on your plant. When your pest problem is under control, they may leave the plant in search of another food source, which they are not going to find inside your house, thus they will not suddenly start reproducing and populating inside your home.

All that being said, this DIY houseplant hospital creates a closed environment on your infected plant, allowing you to release beneficial insects to your heart’s desire without worrying about them leaving!

You will need:


  1. If you are using stakes, insert them into the soil around your plant.
  2. Gently drape the insect netting over desired plant (and stakes if applicable) to determine if it needs to be cut to size. Carefully cut the netting if needed.
  3. Release beneficial insects on infected plant.
  4. Place prepared netting over plant. Secure by tucking the ends underneath the pot or clipping to the pot’s edges.
  5. Let the beneficial insects go to work! Leave the netting in place until you no longer have a pest infestation on your plant. Don’t forget about maintenance control!

Tag us on social media when you make your DIY Houseplant Hospital! What other questions do you have about using beneficial insects on houseplants?

March 02, 2023 — Shipping Receiving

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