Predatory Mites

All active ingredients listed as compatible should have no detrimental interaction with the predatory mite listed in the "Compatible with" section. If the predatory mite is not in the "compatible with" section, then the chemical will hurt them, they should not be applied at the same time as the predatory mite (wait at least 2 weeks before releasing them). Those designated as "wait two weeks before" should not be applied at the same time as our predatory mites.

There are many products with different trade names. Please refer to "Active Ingredients" on the label of the product to find the chemical name.

Note: ****If the active ingredient is not listed below, please contact us or a leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist you!****


S- Swirskii          A- Andersoni     Cali- Californicus  

C- Cucumeris     P- Persimilis     H- Hypoaspis Miles

Active ingredient: Safe to use with (Predatory Mite) Active Ingredient: Safe to use with (Predatory Mite)
Acequinocyl S, A, Cali, C, P, H Lufenuron Cali, C, S
Azadirachtin Cali, C, H Malathion H
Azoxystrobin S, A, Cali, C, P, H Metalaxyl H
Benomyl H Metiram H
Benzoximate Cali, C Phosmet Cali
Bifenazate Cali, C, H Primicarb Cali, S, H
Bitertanol Cali, S, A, C, P, H Pymetrozine Cali, C, S, A
Bupirimate Cali, C, S, H Spinosad Cali, H
Carbendazim H Tebufenpyrad H, Cali
Chlorothalonil Cali, H, P Triazamate Cali, c
Cyromazine Cali, C, H Tridemorph Cali, C, S, A, P, H
Dichlofluanid Cali, H, P Trifloxystrobin Cali, C, A, S, P, H
Dimethoate H Triflumizole Cali, C, A S, P, H
Fenarimol S, A, Cali, C, P, H Triforine H
Kinoprene Cali, C, H Vamidothion H


Wait at least two weeks before using Predatory Mites:

S- Swirskii          A- Andersoni     Cali- Californicus  

C- Cucumeris     P- Persimilis     H- Hypoaspis Miles

Active ingredient: Predatory Mite Active ingredient:
Predatory Mite
Abamectin S, A, Cali, C, P, H neem oil S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Acephate S, A, Cali, C, P, H oxamyl S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Acetamiprid S, A, Cali, C, P, H parathion S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Acrinathrin S, A, Cali, C, P, H permethrin S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Amitraz S, A, Cali, C, P, H Tetrachlovinphos S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Azocyclotin S, A, Cali, C, P, H Thiamethoxam S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Bendiocarb S, A, Cali, C, P, H Triazophos S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Bifentrin S, A, Cali, C, P, H resmethrin S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Bromophos-methyl S, A, Cali, C, P, H Retenone S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Bromopropylate S, A, Cali, C, P, H Imidacloprid S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Carbaryl S, A, Cali, C, P, H Endosulfan S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Chlorfenapyr S, A, Cali, C, P, H Deltamethrin S, A, Cali, C, P, H
Cynomazine P +MORE


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angela said:

I’ve been using neem oil and mite x on my plants, but how long should I wait before introducing predatory mites?

Belinda said:

Can you use predatory mites for poultry mites if you blasted the coop with diatomaceous earth?

sofia said:

Hi- I recently used captain jacks dead bug brew (spinosad) and i don’t see it listed in the beyond two weeks like but you do have a +more – does that mean we can use these after two weeks?

Miranda said:

I have been using Bonide Systemic. Are there any predatory mites I can use?

Tracy said:

I have released my beneficial insects 1 week ago and I am seeing an increasing number in the thrips on my plants. Is there anything I can do while waiting for my beneficials to take over? Washing leaves with soap or any products i can use in conjunction with the beneficials? How long should I wait after releasing them to start spraying and washing leaves again? Thanks

Danielle said:

What about AzaMax do I have to wait 2 weeks?

Dante said:

I used Miracle care with the active ingredient Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate. Is this harmful to Neoseiulus californicus?


Jo Ann said:

Is sulfur compatible with cucumeris?

Amanda said:

Can your insects be used with soil that contains systemic granules?

Kim said:

Does that mean we only need to wait two weeks if we have used Bonide systemic granules and want to release cucumeris? Thank you.

Samantha Waller said:

I’m also curious if its ok to use bonide and predatory mites together; and about the refigerator question

Chris said:

Just wondering if it’s ok to use or still use either or both, Doctor Zymes and Lost Coast Plant Therapy if planning on releasing mites, praying mantis and green lacewing larvae???? TIA

Shelby said:

Was curious if predatory mites, lacewings, or lady bugs are sensitive to GrowSafe applications?

Omer Cheema said:

Is it ok to use Castille soap on predatory mites?

Caroline said:

Hello! I use Bonide systemic granules to control for pests but I know it does not target spider mites. Is there a natures good guy that can be used with Bonide to control for spider mites?

Ronna said:

In The Shower Washing the Leaves, Stem And trunk with a cloth and rinsing really well do you think I could avoid waiting another week? Thanks!

Ronna said:

Can A. Cucumeris be kept in the refrigerator to prolong them?

John said:

I’m planning on buying the Special Blend predatory mites, and possibly Green Lacewings. I have been using Safer’s Soap on spider mites on tomato plants, and plan on spraying with dissolved aspirin to try to control blight. Are there any precautions I should observe?

Also, there could be Safer Soap residue on spider mite eggs and on the dead spider mites. Any problem with this?

Rochelle said:

Does Neem oil kill them?

Jeff said:

If I spray soap & neem oil on my vegetables will that harm the predatory mites?

K Reed said:

If I put Bonide systemic granules in my houseplants’ soil this past summer, and also Bayer 3-in-1 (I had a severe infestation of spider mites), how do I make sure that these will not harm beneficial mites/green lacewings at this point? I really want to switch from chemicals to something natural. Thank you!

Matt said:

I was going to use micronized sulfur but I had already sprayed central coast “green cleaner” and u must wait two weeks to prevent photoxicity. But I didn’t wanna wait 2 weeks before I start taking control back. So just continued did one treatment of Sierra Natural Science 217, one of the “green cleaner” and one treatment of Growers Alley spider mite control. Active ingredients on growers alley list : rosemary oil, clove oil, peppermint oil; other ingredients : glycerol monooleate, ethyl lactate,ascorbic palmitate. Central Coast “Green Cleaner” list active : soybean oil, sodium laurel sulfate; Inert : water, isopropyl alcohol, sodium citrate, citric acid. The sns 217 claims to be safe for beneficial. Also once the two week window for oils is gone well micronized sulfur be harmful them?

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