Your solution for mole control! Made in the USA.

Our small, efficient trap is designed to fit right into intact mole tunnels and is triggered directly by the mole as it passes through. Here's why our Mole Trap stands out from the rest:

  1. Easy Setup: Setting up the trap is a breeze. Simply place it into an intact tunnel and block off the tunnel behind the trap – no need for complicated dirt blockages or "speed bumps."

  2. Higher Attraction: Moles are more likely to enter our trap because it doesn't require them to push through artificial soil blockages. They naturally enter the trap as they move through their tunnels.

  3. Consistent and Humane: Our trap ensures consistent and humane kills. The moles trigger the trap by bumping into a pan, placing them in a predictable position for a clean catch.

  4. Smoother Operation: Unlike other traps, our Mole Trap doesn't close through dirt, allowing for a smaller, safer spring and higher trigger sensitivity. The all stainless steel construction will not rust.