Apply to the foliage and roots of plants and surface of growing area.

Light infestation: Mix 1tsp. of Neem Oil with 1qt. of water and 1/6tsp. of surfactant (dish soap, etc).

Heavy infestation: Mix 2tsp. of Neem Oil with 1qt. of water and 2/3tsp. of surfactant (dish soap, etc).
Shake well. Keep mixture agitated during application to maintain consistency.

Foliage Spray: Spray solution generously on all leaf surfaces, including the underside.
Apply weekly until pest infestation is under control.

Soil-Drench: This solution can also be used to water the plants and control insects. When needed, soil drenches can be used to control soil borne pests and larvae of pests. Avoid runoff.