Your solution for gopher control! Made in the USA.

Many popular gopher traps fall short when it comes to catching larger adults and preventing trap shyness. Gophers that survive trapping quickly become wary, making it challenging to catch them. But fear no more!

Our Gopher Trap is specially designed to eliminate trap shyness and ensure successful captures:

  1. Powerful and Reliable: Our trap features a robust torsional mechanism that swiftly and consistently kills even the largest adult gophers. With enough force to hold them in place, escape is not an option.

  2. Trap Avoidance Minimized: The trap's design provides a clear path to the trigger, making it less likely for gophers to identify it as a threat. By walking mostly on dirt, they won't recognize the trap as a foreign object in their tunnel system.

  3. Durable and Rust-Resistant: Constructed entirely from high temper stainless steel wire, Our trap remains powerful and maintains trigger sensitivity throughout years of use. No rust-related performance decline!