Wide temperature tolerance. Very effective against silverleaf and sweet potato whitefly.

Eretmocerus eremicus are tiny parasitoids with a yellowish to light brown slender body, slender antennae, and translucent wings. Measuring only about 0.6 to 0.8mm in length, they are challenging to see without magnification. These predators are unique due to their impressive temperature tolerance, reaching up to 110°F, and the distinctive behavior of female adults that consume whitefly larvae throughout their 1-2 week lifespan. Females are remarkably prolific, skillfully laying up to 150 eggs under whitefly nymphs, which hatch in about 2-5 days. Once hatched, the larvae penetrate and consume the whitefly during a developmental period lasting 5-7 days. After full larval development, pupation occurs within the remains of the whitefly nymph for another 5-7 days before emerging as an adult.