1. Fill: Use liquid or granular mixture to fill. Remove filter basket when using liquids (optional).
  2. Dial: Set mix ratio after securing tank to the mixing head.
  3. Choose Spray: Shower, stream, deflector up, or deflector down.
  4. Wet or Dry:
    Dry = Granular Chemicals
    Wet = Liquid Chemicals
    Off = Not in Use
  • Only use water-soluble, granular concentrates that dilute easily
  • Dry concentrates dilute at different rates
  • Change to WET mode if the granules are slow dissolving – you can premix and dilute concentrate per manufacturer’s instructions before pouring in sprayer bottle
  • Venturi system (narrow tube) works in WET mode
  • To work correctly, air is pulled into the tank through the tube to draw out the liquid concentrate
  • DO NOT tip sprayer upside down – it will leak