Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis

Grown in Williams, Oregon

Originating from southern Europe, Calendula is a self-sowing flower that is warmly welcomed wherever it appears, often mingling with vegetables in kitchen gardens or complementing violet-hued honeywort and borage in early summer borders. The flowers can be boiled to produce a vibrant yellow-orange dye. Calendula seeds can be sown directly into the garden in spring or grown in containers, spacing them 6 inches apart. For continuous flowering until the first fall freezes, sow again in midsummer and remember to deadhead regularly. These flowers resemble the color of the rising sun and are of the finest organic quality.

  • Seeds Per Pack: 50 Organically Certified Seeds
  • Annual Hardiness: Hardy Annual
  • Approximately 80 Days to Maturity Depending on Conditions
  • Full Sun Preferred
  • Soil: Regular to rich, well-drained soil
  • Season: Spring to Fall
  • Color: Orange like the rising sun.