Aphidius colemani controls smaller-bodied aphids. Use in conjunction with other aphid predators.

A. colemani are versatile parasitoids specialized in targeting smaller aphid species. Typically measuring around 2-3mm, adult A. colemani are commonly black or dark brown, characterized by their slender, translucent bodies, elongated antennae, and wings adorned with distinctive patterns. Despite their diminutive size, these agile predators are adept at locating aphid colonies, where female parasitoids deposit eggs directly into hosts. Following a brief 3-5 day incubation period, the eggs hatch into larvae, which actively consume the aphids over the next 5-10 days as they mature. Upon completion of development, the larvae enter the pupal stage, giving rise to a new generation of adults emerging from the aphid mummies, thus perpetuating the reproductive cycle essential for sustainable aphid management. Throughout their approximately two-week lifespan, females have the capacity to lay over 100 eggs.

If you have a large-bodied aphid species, please look at Aphidius ervi. If you're not sure which species of aphid is causing your infestation, please look at our Aphid Triple Mix or our Aphid Double Mix.