Aphid Double Mix - A. colemani + A. ervi - Aphid Control



Package contains: A mix of Aphidius colemani + Aphidius ervi. Both species are Aphid Exterminators and will attack large and small-bodied aphids. Attacks more than 25 species of aphids, including many common species of aphids.  Complete instructions included.

Aphidius ervi are around 4-5mm long and have a black body with translucent wings. They are often mistaken for small flies due to their size and delicate appearance. Aphidius ervi is widely distributed and commonly used in biological pest control programs.

Sex ratio is 60-70% female. Each female can lay more than 300 eggs. The female adult will lay an egg directly into the aphid body where it hatches and the larvae will consume the aphid’s body from within. When A. ervi larvae mature, the host aphid transforms into a black mummy over 7 days. Subsequently, it takes another 14 days for the mummy to mature into an adult, which emerges through a hole at the mummy's rear. Expect to observe the first mummies in your crops at least 14 days after the initial release.

Adult parasitic wasps are black 2-3mm long with long antennae and narrow abdomens. Adult females lay eggs from their abdomen by quickly curling their abdomen and puncturing an aphid simultaneously with their ovipositor. The egg, once inside the aphid, will hatch into a larva and consume the aphid. The larvae then pupates (spins a cocoon) inside the dead aphid. The mummified aphid swells into a characteristic round, golden brown mummy. The emerging adult will cut a symmetrical hole at the bottom end to escape from the mummified aphid. After injecting the aphid with an egg, it takes about a week for the mummy to form and then another week for the adult to appear. Each female can lay up to 300 eggs.

TARGET PESTS: Large and small-bodied aphid species.

For light infestations, release 1 per 10 sq.ft., weekly.
For moderate infestations, release 1 per sq.ft., weekly as needed.
For heavy infestations, doses may be increased 5 fold.

500 Pupae per Bottle Treats approx. 1,500 sq.ft.
(Be aware these are general release rates for light/moderate infestations).