Aphidoletes aphidimyza - Aphid Control




Scientific Names: Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Potato Aphids, Pea Aphids, Peach Aphids, Honeysuckle Aphids, Melon Aphids, Black Bean Aphids, Rose Aphids, Lettuce Aphids, Cherry Aphids, & various other aphid species.



Aphidoletes aphidimyza controls over 60 aphid species. Release early to give time for the larval stage to develop. May diapause.

A. aphidimyza are indigenous predators that prey on over 60 species of aphids. Male A. aphidimyza have long, hair-covered antennae, while females possess shorter, thicker antennae. To initiate mating, females fly to spider webs, where they wait for a male partner. To enhance the likelihood of successful mating, leave existing spider webs or use stretched cotton balls to simulate them. Within 2-3 days, the eggs hatch into orange, legless maggots, each measuring up to 3mm, and with a voracious appetite for 7-14 days. Following this feeding phase, the larvae pupate within a cocoon, eventually emerging as adults to initiate the reproductive cycle anew. A. aphidimyza are typically shipped in the pupal (cocoon) stage, nestled in moist vermiculite or sand.

Vegetable Crops
Soft Fruit Crops
Ornamental Crops
Tree Nurseries

Field Crops

These predators cannot be used when the day length is below 12 hours or any time of the year indoors. They can be used in hydroponic systems, but don’t expect any establishment (multiple generations) since they pupate in the soil.


1 insect per 3 sq. ft., weekly, 2-3 times
1,000-4,000 insects per acre, weekly, 1-3 times.
Temperature Range: 50-88°F

It's important to note that these introduction rates serve as general guidelines and can differ depending on the specific pest species, the plant being treated, and level of infestation. Proper monitoring of the infestation and the released beneficial insect population is crucial for determining the success of the biological control strategy.

Most of the Aphidoletes will still be in their pupal stage when delivered. Gently disperse any emerged adults onto infested plants. Place remaining pupae in small piles onto moist soil near aphid infestations. Leave open container on it's side, in place for 72 hours to allow any remaining insects to be introduced.

  • Yellow sticky cards should be removed for the first few days after the release of the midges. Blue sticky cards are acceptable to keep the entire time but avoid releasing them right next to them.

  • Releasing Aphidoletes during late summer in the presence of aphids can effectively decrease the population of aphids that overwinter. It also helps establish a predator population that remains active during the early spring of the following year.

  • If ants are present, be sure that they are controlled before releasing Aphidoletes or aphid parasitoids. Aphids produce honeydew that the ants feed on and will protect them from predators or parasitoids.
  • Do not introduce in combination with Green Lacewings or Amblyseius swirskii since the lacewing larvae will eat the Aphidoletes larvae, and A. swirskii may eat the midge eggs.

  • Aphidoletes respond to cool temperatures by entering diapause, therefore in most greenhouses they are only active from mid-March to September unless supplemental lighting is used.

  • Using 10x-15x magnification, full grown larvae are relatively easy to see among aphids because of their characteristic color. Younger larvae are pale and smaller, and are much more difficult to see.

  • Depending on the size and type of plants, the number and type of pests, other predator and parasite populations, and temperature, the frequency of releases may be affected.

For best results, introduce immediately upon receipt. If storage is necessary, store at 40-50°F for no longer than 48 hours. Store out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze.


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