Highly mobile and can find pest mite hot-spots for you. Feltiella acarasuga larvae devour all life stages of spider mites.

Feltiella acarisuga is a predatory gall midge, and is one of the most effective natural enemies of spider mites because of their flying and prey detecting capabilities. Females have an excellent searching ability where they hone in on infestation hot-spots to lay their eggs. Their glossy, translucent, oblong eggs hatch approximately 2-3 days after being laid, and immediately begin to feed. The orange-brown larvae measure approximately 0.2-2mm and have four developmental instars that feed on spider mites for 4-6 days before pupating. After pupating for 4-6 days, the adult Feltiella acarisuga emerge and continue the lifecycle. Adults are not predaceous, and lay about 30 eggs in their 2 week lifespan.