Scale control. 1-2mm actual size.

Aphytis melinus is a specialized parasitoid renowned for its role as a natural predator targeting specific scale insects, notably the red scale (Aonidiella aurantii). Adult Aphytis melinus have a slender body ranging from light-yellow to yellowish-brown, approximately 1mm in length, with elongated antennae and transparent wings with distinctive veins. Ideally suited for controlling scale insect populations, especially in warm, humid environments like greenhouses, Aphytis melinus females lay up to 100 eggs during their lifespan, depositing them beneath the protective waxy coating of scale insects.

After an incubation period of approximately 4-7 days, the eggs hatch into larvae that actively consume the host while undergoing development over the subsequent 10-14 days. Upon reaching maturity, the larvae pupate within the remnants of the scale insect for 7-10 days. Emerging as adults from the pupal casing, they promptly seek out new hosts to perpetuate the life cycle.

If you are unsure of which species of Scale Insects are infesting your plants, use Aphytis melinus in conjunction with Lindorus Lophanthae. Lindorus controls all life stages of a variety of Scale Insects.