Phytoseilus persimilis
Two-Spotted Spider Mite Specialist
Fast Two Spotted Mite Cleanup
43-90 °F.
60-90% Humidity


Phytoseilus persimilis

Target Pests: 
Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae).

Two-Spotted Spider Mite Specialist. Eats all stages of Two-Spotted  Spider Mites. Eggs and Adults.

“Persimilis” is a predatory mite that was one of the first biological insects available commercially for Two-Spotted Spider Mites. Adults are tiny (.3 mm long), fast moving, red, pear shaped mites with with noticeably long legs. Immature stages are a pale salmon color. Eggs are oval and 0.3mm long. Phytoseiulus persimilis feed on all stages of Two Spotted Spider Mites. Unlike its natural enemy, the Two-Spotted Spider Mites, Persimilis does not spin webbing.

If you are not sure if your infestation is Two-Spotted Spider Mites or you may be battling several different species of spider mites. Such as; Broad Mites, Rust Mites, Russet Hemp Mites, Cyclamen Mites and Southern Red Mites or other species of mites. Release Persimilis along with other Generalist Predatory Mites. Such as: Amblyseius cucumeris, Special Blend Predatory Mites, Amblyseius andersoni, Neoseiulus fallacis and Amblyseius swirskii.  All these predators are natural enemies to Spider mites.

Product Information: 
Persimilis is packed in vermiculite or on bean leaves. Release P. persimilis at first sign of spider mite infestation.
It is best to apply Persimilis the same day as received. If storage is necessary, keep Persimilis at 50-59 degrees.

They are available in two types of packaging; Bulk cartons and slow release hanging sachets. The bulk cartons are shipped as live adults, where as the sachets are shipped as hatching bags in different life stages.

Upon Receipt of this product persimilis should be visible on the underside of the lid. Allow Persimilis 15-30 minutes to warm to room temperature before looking under the lid.

Release Rates: 
2-4 mites per sq.ft. or 20 mites per infested leaf. Release Bi-Weekly for 3-4 times.
For larger areas, use 25,000 per acre.
Persimilis is most effective when applied at the first sign of a two-spotted mite infestation. Due to Persimilis high reproduction rate, they usually run out of Spider Mites and eventually dies out, therefore, multiple releases are recommended.

A complete life cycle can take as little as 5 days depending on the temperature. Similar to the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, the warmer the temperature the faster they reproduce. Females out number the males 4:1. Females lay up to 3 eggs per in their 35-day lifetime. The eggs take a few days to hatch and are oval and 2x the size of two-spotted mite eggs. Each Persimilis eats 5-30 Spider Mite adults or eggs per day. Because Persimilis do not diapause (go into hibernation) they can be used year-round in greenhouses and climates that remain warm during all year.

Strategic Considerations: 
Persimilis needs relative humidities greater than 60%.. In low humidity conditions, raise the humidity by lightly misting plants or wetting walkways.