1. Summertime protection with Mason Bee Hut Bag:

  • Keep an eye on your Bee Hut throughout the Spring nesting season. Clean out any debris or pests and refresh nesting material if necessary.
  • After the nesting period in late spring/early summer when the bees are no longer flying around the Bee Hut, remove the entire Bee Hut and clean off any obvious debris on the outside.
  • Put the Bee Hut in the Hut Bag with the entrance of the hut facing up. Tie the bag and store in a garage, storage shed, or other cool, well-ventilated, and protected area for the rest of summer.
  • Clean the Mud Hut and set aside to use as the Nursery Hut to store cocoons later in the winter.

2. Harvest in fall & store over winter:

  • When temperatures fall consistently below 60°F, usually in the fall around October, it's time to harvest the cocoons.
  • Set up the Nursery Hut (formerly used as the Mud Hut) with a clean sponge.
  • Gently open the tubes and sort out the healthy cocoons that are brownish-gray, firm, and don't have any holes.
  • Clean the cocoons by rinsing in cool water and using your fingers to remove any debris. Pat dry, and leave out in a cool area to cure for about an hour
  • Store the Nursery Hut in the refrigerator between 34-38°F. Monitor frequently and add just enough water to keep the sponge moist (not wet) so the cocoons don't dry out. If they contract mold, simply repeat the cleaning process.