• Keep your beneficial insects fed and attract native bugs to your garden or farm with our Good Bug Diet - A food supplement for your good bugs that contains fats, proteins, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, amino acids, vitamins, lactose, and sucrose.

  • Introduce beneficial insects to your houseplants and potted plants with our Beneficial Insect Netting! No need to worry about your ladybugs flying around your home or grow room.

  • Proper identification of the pest species is important. Monitoring the crop closely and introducing beneficial insects early will help in control pest populations.

  • Pesticides, even wetting agents, and spreader-stickers may adversely affect beneficial insects' survival. Broad spectrum and systemic insecticides are toxic.



  • Ants will feed on lacewing and trichogramma eggs. If ants are present, be sure to control the infestation before releasing, or hatch eggs indoors in packaging before releasing.
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