Digital thermostatic devices allow growers to select and maintain optimal temperatures when germinating seeds or rooting cuttings for the fastest growth. It is compatible with all DSM&T heat mats, and most other 120V heat mats on the market. Besides its horticultural uses, it is also a great tool for homebrewing (maintenance of optimal fermentation temperature) and environmental control in reptile terrariums. The controller contains UL Recognized components for safety and reliability. UL-listed Digital thermostat provides constant, uniform temperature control for germination, propagation and fermentation environments between 68°-108°F (20°-42°C).
  • Temperature Display Range: 32°-140°F Your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit display
  • Includes temperature probe with 6' cord
  • Simple push-button operation with LED indicator lights 120 Volts/8.3 Amps (1000W) max current/60 Hz
  • 1-year warranty
  • Works with most 120V Heat Mats