1. For Mix Amendment: Add perlite to your favorite potting soil to increase drainage and porosity. A 1:4 ratio of perlite to mix is suggested, but plants needing higher drainage may require more.

  2. For Seed Starting: Seeds requiring high drainage grow well in pure perlite. Plant seeds according packet directions, water, and place under grow lights or a sunny windowsill. Provide water-soluble fertilizer once they start growing.

  3. For Cuttings: Perlite is the ideal rooting medium for stem, tip, or leaf cuttings needing extra drainage. Follow propagation guideline for your cuttings. Provide water soluble fertilizer once rooted, and transfer starts into potting mix when they develop new leaves.

  4. For Hydroponics: Perlite is an effective and inexpensive medium for home
    hydroponics. It is fast-draining, remains aerated, and supports growing plant roots.