Spider mite destroyer.

Stethorus punctillum is a member of the Coccinellid Beetle family, commonly known as ladybugs. These Spider Mite Destroyers are spider mite specialists but will supplement their diet with aphids and other small soft-bodied insects when spider mite populations are low. They are recognized by their distinctive round, dome shape, dark brown to black body about 1.5mm in size, fine hairs on its wing covers, and characteristic brownish-yellow markings on its mouth parts, legs, and antennae. Both the adults and larvae play a crucial role in targeting spider mites at all stages, especially two spotted spider mites.

Females lay small, oval-shaped eggs on the undersides of plant leaves, close to areas infested with spider mites. The eggs hatch within 2-3 days into elongated, alligator-like larvae that actively feed on immature spider mites. The larval stage is a critical period for predation on pest populations before entering the pupal stage for about 4-7 days. When fully formed adults emerge, they continue to feed on spider mites in all life stages, and other soft-bodied pests if necessary, for their 2-4 week lifespan.