1. Put today's date on the label and poke the top of the Natural Catch® with the stick inside. Use the Natural Catch® Fruit Fly Trap where you see onions, bananas, or tomatoes, or where fruit flies bug you. It's easy to use right out of the box.

  2. Spread out the Natural Catch® Fruit Fly Traps about 3 to 4 feet apart in the area you want to trap fruit flies. The stuff that attracts them is already measured out for you, so you know it'll work. Usually, you'll see way fewer fruit flies, like 70 to 80% fewer.

  3. Check the trap's entrance regularly and make sure it's not blocked. It's made to last a long time, needs hardly any maintenance, and is simple to use. Swap it out for a new one after 30 days.

  4. The Natural Catch® Fruit Fly Traps are safe to use near food. The container is made from FDA-approved, recyclable material that's safe for food. The stuff that attracts fruit flies is harmless, not poisonous, and doesn't have any pesticides. Plus, the trap is designed not to spill, no matter which way you put it.