Scientific Name: Echinacea purpurea

Family: Aster (Asteraceae)

Grown in Williams, Oregon

This rare prairie perennial, originally spanning from Michigan to Louisiana, is now scarce in the wild but widely cultivated, thriving even in pots. Among the nine species of Echinacea, it stands out for its adaptability, flourishing in various conditions from coast to mountain, east to west. Our strain, derived from a rare wild source, remains unchanged, retaining its full chemical potency for immune support and anti-inflammatory properties. When planting, sow seeds in early spring either outdoors or in a greenhouse, then transplant in mid-spring for optimal growth. For robust plants likely to bloom in the first year, an early start and transplanting twice are recommended. Alternatively, direct seeding in early to mid-spring is viable, though diligent weeding and spacing plants one foot apart after the second leaf set are essential. This species prefers sunny, moist soil, reaching heights of three to four feet when flowering.

  • Seeds Per Pack: 100 Seeds
  • Hardy Zones: 4-12
  • Full Sun / Partial Shad Preferred
  • Soil: Regular, well drained
  • Flowering Season: Summer to Fall
  • Color: Purple