Generalist predator that controls all life stages of Thrips. Establishes best in pollen-rich crops (see our Good Bug Supplemental Food). May diapause under short day lengths. 

Orius insidiosus, also known as the minute pirate bug, is a highly effective thrips predator. Known as a true bug and equipped with a long rostrum, Orius pierces its prey to feed on it. It's a broad-spectrum predator, targeting various pest species including mites, aphids, and moth eggs. Adult females lay up to 45 eggs in their lifespan, with nymphs hatching within 5-7 days. The bug's total lifespan is around 7 weeks, with 2 weeks spent as hungry nymphs and 4 weeks as predatory adults. Orius thrives in light and progresses through its lifecycle optimally within a month. During less favorable conditions, nymph development may slow or pause until conditions improve.