Beneficial Nematodes:

Releasing Beneficial Nematodes in your garden or farm is a simple process. You can opt for a standard watering can or select from our range of application tools. Our hose-end sprayer or pump sprayer are ideal for applying Nematodes.
Beneficial Nematodes can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere that developing pests exist. Use in gardens, greenhouses, indoor grows, lawns, orchards, vineyards, and more!

Seasonal application recommended for prevention. Weekly to monthly application recommended for active infestations. Adjust as necessary.


Red "Wiggler Worms:
Introduce 2-3 worms per sq. ft.
Green Lacewings:

Gently disperse eggs and rice hulls into hanging boxes. Hang box on infested plant limb, out of direct sunlight.

Each pack of lacewing eggs in rice hulls will include hanging boxes according to the quantity that was ordered.