Mason Bee Hut Kit


Mason Bee Cocoons

Mason Bee Cocoons
Protective casings where the bees develop - Included in our Hut Kit to kick-start your mason bee population. You can also purchase them separately to replenish existing colonies.

Mason Bee Hut

Mason Bee Cedar Hut
Made from Pacific Northwest Cedar and designed to attract mason bees and keep them safe. Its compact size makes storing cocoons in the summer easy and will last over many seasons and years. Measurements:
2in overhang to drain excess rain
Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal
Size: 6in H (each side to side) x 9in D

Mason Bee Mud Hut

Mason Bee Mud/Nursery Hut
In the spring, this container is designed to ensure that Bee Mud is accessible by keeping it moist and preventing it from washing away.

In the fall, this container is intended to be re-used as the Nursery Hut for harvested cocoons. It is designed to keep the cocoons moist but not overly wet when placed in a refrigerator.

Reed Nesting Tubes

Reed Nesting Tubes
Natural Tubes come in different sizes and naturally repel parasites and disease. Discard used tubes and replace with fresh tubes each year.


Mason Bee Hut Bag
This bag is used protect developing bees inside the bee hut from pest infestation during the summer months when the bees become inactive.