1. Find the best location:

  • Locate a sunny, south-facing spot preferably with afternoon shade during the heat of summer. It should be protected from wind and rain, but allowing full morning sun.
  • Placement should be within 300 feet of flowering fruit, vegetables, or flower plants. Ensure there is no nearby pesticide use or recent chemical treatments.
  • The opening should face away from any birdhouses or feeders.

2. Store cocoons until ready:

  • The Bee Hut and the Mud Hut should be set up and ready to go when you put the cocoons outside.
  • Mason bee cocoons can be released when daytime temperatures reach 50-55°F, and when spring flowers are in bloom. Night time temperature lows are not important.
  • If you received your cocoons before adequate conditions are met, store them in a fridge or cooler between 34-38°F until you are ready.

3. Set up the Bee Hut & Mud Hut:

  • Place reed nesting tubes as far to the back of the Bee Hut as possible.
  • Install or secure the Bee Hut on a sturdy base at least 5 feet off the ground.
  • Place the Mud Hut within 25 feet of the Bee Hut, but not directly underneath.
  • When temperatures consistently reach 50-55°F, and flowers are in bloom, place the bee cocoons in the wooden tray at the top of the Bee Hut - no later than mid-May.