Scientific Name: Eschsholzia californica
Family: Poppy (Papaveraceae)

Grown in Williams, Oregon

California Poppy is a self-seeding perennial native to California, Oregon and the southwestern US. A wild show of yellow and orange flowers provide a delightful display in early spring to early summer. Planting California Poppy in rich soils in the greenhouse is unlikely to give results as poppies prefer fast-draining soil or roadside gravel and a sunny exposure. Very easy to establish.

  • Seeds Per Pack: 500 Seeds
  • Open Pollinated, Untreated, No GMOs
  • Annual Hardiness: Zones 6-10
  • Approximately 80 Days to Maturity, depending on conditions
  • Full Sun Preferred
  • Soil: Nutrient-poor, dry to mesic
  • Flowering Season: Early Summer
  • Color: Yellow & Orange