Mycostop Biofungicide


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MYCOSTOP is a OMRI listed bio-fungicide used for the control of seed rot, root and stem rot and wilt caused by Fusarium, Alternaria and Phomopsis of container grown ornamentals, vegetables and tree and forest seedlings. MYCOSTOP has also shown suppression of Botrytis Gray Mold and root rots of Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia in the greenhouse. MYCOSTOP can be used as a seed treatment for seed or soil-borne damping off and early root rot of vegetables, herbs and ornamentals planted in the field or greenhouse. In some cases, Mycostop has also been proven to increase plant growth slightly.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Since this is a preventative treatment, it must be used at the time of seeding or transplanting. For seed inoculating, use 2-8 gram/kg of seed; for a soil spray or foliar treatment, use 5 grams per 13 gallons of water, to treat about 250-500 sq ft). Do not mix with pesticides or fertilizer solutions.

Do not apply to melons.