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Cinnamomum zeylandicum - Cinnamon (Bark) Oil

Cinnamon (Bark) Oil - Cinnamomum zeylandicum


Botanical name: Cinnamomum zeylandicum

Part used: Bark
Method: Steam distillation
Colour: Yellow to amber.
Consistency: Thin
Perfumery note:
Aroma: Woody, spicy, sweet.

Cinnamon bark is used widely as a flavouring, and has many health benefits. The  oil is anti-inflammatory,increases circulation,is good for muscle pain and is considered healing, due to it's coagulant properties.

  • It is also believed to boost brain function.
  • Commonly used in air fresheners and surface cleaners due to it's antimicrobial properties.
  • This oil can be added to toothpaste for oral cleansing.



Should be diluted as can be skin sensitizing and can cause nausea and palpitations in some people.

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