Caraway Oil - Carum carvi


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Botanical name: Carum carvi also known as Apium carvi

Part used:  Ripe seeds, although actually fruits.
Method:  Steam distillation
Colour: Clear, but becoming yellowich as it matures.
Consistency:  thin
Aroma:  Spicy, sweet, slightly sharp.


  • Caraway essential oil is used as an antihistamine and expectorant, as well as for general respiratory tract aid.
  • It also has antiseptic properties, and is used as a digestive aid, as an aperitif and for relief from flatulence, as well as being a diuretic.
  • This oil is believed to support cardiac health, be antispasmodic and a stimulant.
  • There are no warnings regarding the use of this oil, but it is advisable to use diluted and do a skin sensitivity test before initial use.