Amyris Oil - West Indian Sandalwood - Amyris balsamifera


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Botanical name -  Amyris balsamifera

 Amyris is also known as West Indian Sandalwood, and while it has a similar aroma to Sandalwood, the properties are different.

Parts used: Bark, Wood

Method: Steam distillation

Colour: Pale yellow

Consistency: Thick 

Perfumery note: Base

 Aroma: Sweet, Woody, more Cedar like than Indian Sandalwood.

Amyris is known as Torchwood by the local West Indians as due to it's high oil content it is highly flammable.

Widely used in the perfumery industry as a fixative, and in soaps and other cosmetics.

Amyris rejuvenates, and helps with dry skin, as well as with other skin disorders.

It has antiseptic properties, and when used in massage will act as a lymph decongestant.

In vapour therapy is is antidepressant, relaxing and believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Amyris is also soothing for most respiratory tract problems.


Major constituents 

High levels of Valerianol, Beta-eudesmol, Gamma-eudesmol and elemol.


No specific warnings, but a patch test is advised for sensitive skins.