Mealybug Control

Mealybugs, often known as "woolly aphids," are several different species that have a variety of host plants. They are a particular kind of soft scale covered in a fuzzy, waxy secretion that serves as protection and decreases the efficiency of contact pesticides. Mealybugs harm plants by consuming sap and other cell components. Mealybugs cover the plant with small, white-to-grey cottony/wooly covering clustering close to the soil or near the growing tips.

Think Preventative 

Use general predators to monitor and detect infestations early. When using beneficial insects for natural organic pest control it is a good practice to be preventative. Release predators like ladybugs or green lacewings early and regularly throughout the growing seasons before you have an infestation.

What works best for Mealybug control?...

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri - AKA Mealybug Destroyers


Green Lacewings