Flea Control

It's safe to say that fleas are pet owners worst fear and nightmare. Fleas can cause a lot of discomfort for you and your pets. They tend to move in from surrounding native habitat, from other yards, or by nocturnal creatures or stray animals passing by and then proceed to infest your yard, lawn or garden as they tend to reproduce extremely fast. Getting ahead of the populations of fleas and preventing them as much as you can are the best ways to control them.You can avoid and get rid of fleas both inside and outside depending on your circumstances.

Think Preventative 

To control flea larvae in the soil and disrupt the flea life cycle for continuing control throughout the season use Sc Beneficial Nematodes.
In order to increase control while one species waits in the topsoil and the other searches for eggs, use the HB +SC Beneficial Nematodes.

Beneficial nematodes can be used on an active infestation as well as for preventative measures. Beneficial Nematodes will be safe to use around your pets.

Praying Mantis tend to control a variety of different pests including fleas. The praying mantis will be more ideal to use outdoors for this pest issue.

Other alternatives to beneficial insects that can be used to control Fleas include: 

Diatomaceous Earth, a powdered repellent that cuts and dehydrates adult fleas, killing them shortly after.