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Bug Box Subscription

Bug Box Subscription

    • Evey month you'll receive a BUG BOX containing an assortment of Soldier Bugs to help protect your plants!
    • Pest Control with Beneficial Insects works best with regular preventative releases of Soldier Bugs.
    • Keep you beneficial insect population high and help ward off destructive pests!
    • Over a $20 saving
    • Free Shipping
    • Cancel anytime



            Growers that have the best success with Beneficial Insects release Soldier Bugs regularly with a preventative routine. Using Soldier Bugs is all a numbers game, the more soldiers you have on your plants and in the surrounding area the less chance pests will be able to establish themselves and feed on your plants.
                Bug Box is a great way to build your Soldier Bug Population and learn about new Beneficial Insects!
                    The items in the Bug box will be chosen according to the availability of the product.
                        Each Bug Box includes an assortment of the following: General Soldier Bug, Specialized Soldier Bug, and Soil Soldier Bug.
                          General Soldier Bug
                          Specialized Soldier Bug
                          Soil Soldier Bug

                          • Ladybugs
                          • Praying Mantis
                          • Green Lacewings
                          • Orius aka Pirate Bug
                          • Predatory Mites
                          • Encarsia
                          • Trichogramma
                          • Fly exterminators
                          • And more
                          • Nematodes
                          • Hipoaspis Miles
                          • Dalotia aka Rove beetle
                          • Worms

                          The Bug Box is available in 3 sizes:

                          Small Bug Box
                          Medium Bug Box
                          Large Bug Box

                          Covers up to 1,000 sq. ft

                          Covers up to 2,500 sq. ft

                          Covers up to 5,000 sq. ft





                          NOTE: If you have specific concerns with pests, please include a note with your order stating the specific pest you are trying to control. We will try to include at least 1 soldier bug that will target the pest you are trying to control!